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To help create an SMSF profession that empowers individuals to self-manage their retirement.

To create the number one platform in the SMSF industry for professionals to grow their SMSF business.

Small to mid sized accounting and financial planning businesses with at least 20 SMSFs and revenue from SMSF activities of greater than 10% of total fee revenue.

We deliver a fully integrated learning, technical and document platform for SMSF professionals.

We provide the most effective training and tools to successfully grow an SMSF business.



As the SMSF sector continues to grow and goes from strength-to-strength, it is also acknowledged that the industry still has many challenges ahead for professionals, in particular across issues, including legislative change, technology, key resources, driving efficiency and ways to grow your business.

It’s all of these issues that are the very essence of why The SMSF Academy was created – to help professionals build a better SMSF business.

We believe there are three key pillars to delivering SMSF success – learn, implement and grow, and through a tiered membership solution, The SMSF Academy provides professionals with the knowledge, documents and tools to help their SMSF business.


Aaron Dunn

Managing Director


Ian Glenister

Legal Officer


    Our story so far

    The SMSF Academy launched in May 2011 and since that time has built a strong industry reputation for providing education and training on self-managed super funds to professionals.

    After more than a year in development, in early 2013, The SMSF Academy jointly founded SMSF101 to provide the first truly online SMSF education solution.  This RG146 SMSF course provides professionals with a pathway to SMSF specialisation.

    In August 2014, The SMSF Academy released the largest-ever industry report on SMSF business model, the Future of SMSF report.  Following this research, new membership offerings were created in February 2015, combining education, training, technical support, legal & compliance documents trough a fully integrated SMSF platform known as Campus.

    The journey ahead

    Working with small to mid sized accounting and financial planning practices, the Campus platform provides the most effective training and tools for professionals to build a better SMSF business.

    The three pillars of “learn, implement and grow” are the guiding principles to the future strategy and direction of development and broader business strategy.

    The Campus platform will continue to develop as a primary hub for your SMSF business, providing access to learning content, fund documents, and a growing range of tools designed to help deliver SMSF success.