SMSF Legal Documents

Access to Fund Establishment documents, Trust Deed upgrades, Company Incorporations, Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements, Change of Trustees, IHA Loan Agreements and much more.


SMSF Pension Documents

Access to pension commencement (ABP & TRIS), commutations, annual pension reviews, lump sums, rollbacks and many issues/strategies to deal with the super reforms (e.g. transfer balance cap).


SMSF Compliance Documents

Access to investment strategies, CGT relief, trustee minutes for contribution reserving, varying LRBA interest rates, contribution splitting, investment reserves, making contributions and many issues/strategies with the super reforms.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

To start generating your SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents, simply register yourself for an account and get underway.

Membership details


What’s included

Registering as a PAYG member has its benefits, which include:

Ability to generate a range of SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents on a PAYG basis
Limited access to ongoing CPD webinar training
Keep up-to-date with latest news, technical issues & events


Here’s some common questions that we’re asked

Why do you offer SMSF documents on a PAYG basis?

Whilst our membership solution to access SMSF training and documents is our primary focus, we understand that you may require a specific document from our specialist suite of SMSF documents.  Rather than subscribing to our monthly fee, you have a preference to buy on a ‘one-off’ basis, which may help you to understand the overall experience and hopefully consider the merits of membership.

Can I upgrade from my PAYG (free) membership?

Yes, you can upgrade to either the bronze, silver or gold memberships at any time.  Simply drop us an email at info@thesmsfacademy.com.au or contact us via our online chat.

Can I cancel my PAYG (free) membership?

Yes, if you no longer want to be a member, you can simply email us at info@thesmsfacademy.com.au or call us on 1300 95 94 76 to have your membership account cancelled.  We will then permanently delete all your information from our member records.

Can I use your integrations with Simple Fund 360, CAS 360, or Class Super?

No, these key software integrations are only available to gold and silver members.

Questions?   We’re here to help.  Call 1300 95 94 76


Its very convenient, its very informative, I work on my own, so having a service like yours keeps me up to date for a reasonable price.

Jo-anne Chaplin – Accountant


Aaron always presents in a clear, easy to understand manner and we can take away insights that can be use in a very practical way in dealing with days to day client matters.

Damian Monahan – Team Leader


Campus provides a high quality and cost-effective solution for our SMSF business, I would definitely recommend it.

Glenn Delaney – CEO